Best Computer Skills PPT with 2 Question Papers for PhD Research

Computer Skills are the ability to use computer hardware and software to perform various tasks. It involves a range of abilities, from hardware and software knowledge to the ability to think critically and creatively when solving technical problems.

Computer skills are a must-have for anyone looking to secure a job in today’s digital age. Employers often list computer skills as a requirement in job descriptions, as basic proficiency with technology is necessary for most positions. It can be divided into four main categories:

  • Input Technologies: This includes the use of a computer mouse, keyboard, and other input devices to enter data into a computer.
  • Software Applications: This category includes the knowledge and ability to use various software applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation programs.
  • Computer Networking: This includes the ability to use network protocols to connect to the internet and other computers.
  • Computer Programming: This involves the knowledge and ability to write and modify computer code.

This is the presentation on the “Computer Skills” subject that we found on SlideShare for PhD scholars to prepare for their exams. This presentation has nicely explained all the lessons/topics that are needed to clear the exam in a beautiful and simple manner with the help of images that are easy to understand from children’s point of view. You can manually click on the link to visit the SlideShare website and share with others also. This “computer skills” presentation has the following units mentioned below-

  1. Characteristics of Computer
  2. Input & Output Devices
  3. Storage Devices
  4. CPU
  5. System Software & Application Software
  6. Applications of Computer for Research
  7. Multimedia & Presentation Devices
  8. What is Internet?
  9. Uses of Internet
  10. Electronic Mail (e-mail) & WWW
  11. Downloading & Uploading
  12. Access of e-Journals
  13. e-Library
  14. Search Engines, Searching the Keywords
  15. Overview of Google Applications
  16. Microsoft Word
  17. Microsoft Excel
  18. Microsoft PowerPoint
  19. Plagiarism Software

Sample Questions

  • What type of computer operating system do you have experience with?
  • How comfortable are you with basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel?
  • Describe a technical problem you have successfully troubleshot.
  • How would you rate your knowledge of computer hardware and software?
  • Have you ever designed or updated a website?
  • What methods do you use to stay up-to-date on new technology and software?
  • Are you familiar with scripting languages such as Python, PHP, or JavaScript?
  • Are you comfortable with remote collaboration tools such as Zoom and Slack?
  • Describe a time you used data visualization to present information.
  • What processes do you use to ensure data security?

Let us download some question papers now


Having good computer skills is important for many reasons, such as being able to efficiently complete tasks, communicate with others, and stay up to date with the latest technology. Good computer skills can also help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs, as well as make you more productive and successful in your current job.

Some basic computer skills you should learn include basic word processing and spreadsheet skills, basic internet navigation, basic email and social media use, basic photo and video editing, and basic troubleshooting and maintenance skills.

Learning to use a computer can be done in several ways, such as taking a basic computer literacy course, reading tutorials online, or watching tutorial videos. You can also find free software or applications to help you learn basic computer skills.

The most important computer skills depend on the job you are applying for, but some of the most important skills include word processing, spreadsheet creation, database management etc.

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