Is Google Down Really?

So, I came back to my laptop to start Googling in Google Chrome but wait what? Is my internet working? Because it’s not loading properly or Google went down.

  • Internet Access – Checked
  • Google Chrome – Checked

Then why it’s not working? Wait, is this really happening? No that can’t be, because it’s Google and Google never goes down. Okay, let’s check.

Searching “is google down” on google chrome and guess what…

It said no… then why everywhere is showing like it was gone. It’s even trending on Twitter with the hashtag #googledown. Even I experienced the same a few minutes back. Yes, yes, yes, we know it’s Google, so whatever may be the reason it’s back online and working at its full speed.

But you know what, that short amount of downtime everyone faced is not good. I mean yes not for us but also, not for a tech giant like Google.

So I guess Google will take care of this and will investigate and will show up with some valid points that why it happened…

Wait… hope nobody was trying to hack Google, I mean DDOS… Hehe… Just joking…

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