What are YouTube Handles & 3 Best Ways to Get Them Faster?

YouTube handles are a new way to find and communicate with YouTube producers as well as other users. Take Instagram usernames into account. Producers can more easily build and manage their own online presence since channel handles, as opposed to channel names, are unique to each channel. There will be handles for each YouTube channel.

Additionally, it is simple to confirm that you are speaking with the real person because handles act as different identifiers. Your handle will be displayed on many YouTube pages, including as the homepage of your channel, search results, the Shorts feed, comments, community postings, and more. It can also be used outside of YouTube to advertise your channel.

The three best techniques to get them quickly have also been presented. But before that let’s take a look at the video from the official YouTube channel.

How To Choose Your YouTube Handle?

Over the coming weeks, YouTube will gradually roll out handles to all channels. You’ll be notified in YouTube Studio and by email when it’s time to select your handle. You can also go to youtube.com/handle for more information and to get started.

In most cases, YouTube has already designated your unique URL as your handle, making it easier for you to choose a handle if you already have one. Don’t worry if you don’t have a customised URL or wish to use anything different; you will be able to select a handle.

Please be aware that occasionally your desired handle might not be accessible. Once you have been informed that you can choose a handle, you can choose another alternative. The URL that goes with your handle will be generated by YouTube. When a user isn’t on YouTube, you can utilise this URL to point them toward your content.

In order to use this new URL, YouTube also advises that you change your social network profiles and outside websites. Additionally, if you previously used an outdated channel URL like this one https://youtube.com/c/youtube then that will also work after setting up the new handle. Let’s proceed to a few FAQs now.

All users will now have access to YouTube, and the custom URL eligibility limit of 100 subscribers will no longer apply. Every YouTube channel will have a handle that users can use to communicate with creators and other users. Additionally, you’ll receive a brand-new, customised YouTube URL that matches your handle and facilitates finding and connecting with you on YouTube.

Up to 30 characters can be used as handles. Choosing a handle that best reflects your channel is important because it will be how people find you and connect with you. And keep in mind that your handle must adhere to YouTube’s community standards.

If you already have a customised YouTube URL for the vast majority of your channels, YouTube will convert it to your handle automatically. If the handle you want isn’t currently being used by someone else, you can choose a new one. If your channel doesn’t already have a unique URL, you can choose a new handle, or if you don’t, YouTube will choose one for you automatically that you can modify at any time. In contrast to how they are now constrained when it comes to building a custom URL, users do not need to base their handle on their channel name. Use your imagination and try adding numerals, periods, or underscores if the handle you desire isn’t available.

Get YouTube Handles Faster

  • Direct link to edit and set your unique handle – https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCPT_CBPANMnX-bLH1-X2YUg/editing/details replace the bold letters in the URL with your channel link. below are the steps to get there manually.
    • Open the YouTube Studio link
    • Scroll down to Customization
    • Then select the Basic Info tab
    • Scroll down to Handle or Channel URL whichever you want.
    • Finally, click on the Publish button at the top-right.
    • Congratulations you have set your unique YouTube Handle.
  • Another way is to click on the Change handle button on this page link
    • You will see that you already have a handle set by YouTube. You can customize it as per your wish and if you don’t see any handle then you use the above method to do the same.
    • In my case, it was already set @btechshala.
    • You’ll see additional channel URLs i.e., youtube.com/@btechshala
  • The last know method is that you may receive an email from YouTube stating that “You can now choose your YouTube handle” as the subject of the email. From there also you will get a button called CHOOSE A HANDLE which will redirect you to set up a YouTube handle.

Below are some screenshots for your reference of the above-said tips:

YouTube Handles Uses

  • Gain attention with Shorts.
  • Set yourself apart from the crowd.
  • You could be mentioned in videos.
  • Make yourself discoverable on YouTube.
  • Get in touch with people in the YouTube community.

You can go to YouTube Help to learn more.

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