Novel AI is an AI-powered tool that generates unique stories and helps writers find inspiration.

It includes a text-to-image feature to create images based on the generated story.

The Novel AI Image Creator allows writers to visualize their characters and match the story's tone and mood.

Free images can be generated through registration and a trial period.

NovelAI Diffusion is a popular anime image generator for visual storytelling.

It can be used for free on personal computers, providing the same results as the paid version.

Novel AI does not have an official mobile app, and using modified versions is unethical and illegal.

Alternatives to Novel AI include Wordtune, InferKit, AI Dungeon, EnglishBrain, and KoboldAI.

Canva and AI-generated novels like "Swipe Right for Vampire" are also listed as alternatives.

Google Colab can be used to set up NovelAI with guides available, but it is not officially supported.

Novel AI offers free and paid versions, with the paid versions providing unlimited access to prompts, image generation, advanced TTS, and exclusive content.

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